Digital SEO - SEM

Search Engine Optimization - Marketing


Promote the presence of your business on the internet to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

With a beautiful website, you are half way there. The other half is the correct registration and promotion on search engines. Social media can generate visits to your site, the main source in driving internet traffic are through search engines. An effective search engine friendly site is achieved adhering to Search Engine Optimization principles.

By implementing Search Engine Optimization is the only sure way to give your website the decided advantage to increase visitor traffic. To maintain optimal visibility and retain top positions in searches.
Maximum ranking possible
We do not promise “first place’ on Google or Yahoo as this cannot be guaranteed by the algorithmic search engines. However, we apply the correct methodology to achieve the best possible performance ranking for your website by selecting a SEO strategy that suits your specific requirements.


Drive visitors to their destination quickly, view how visitors move to your site, discover any site issues before your customer do. Use Event Tracking to understand your visitor’s habits on your site. Refine your AdSense program to be more effective


We design your campaign,
this includes identifying target audience and promoting the ad specifically to these groups. We monitor the effectiveness of the campaign relative to the amount invested


We design email marketing campaigns to attract subscribers. Newsletters that get attention and entice readers to click and share. Strategized to contain a meaningful call-to-action and raise brand awareness.


Social media has increased exponentially due to the popularization of mobile devices.
We optimize our advertising campaigns to align with current social media trends and mobile users.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the unrelenting evolution in retaining visibility and top rankings in the competitive online world. We at Centiva, are committed to ensure your business achieves internet success by steering your brand to the top of website searches.


Steps to succeed

Select keywords

Utilizing Google Keyword Planner to ensure your site satisfies search intent for users against your competitors

Competition analysis

Essential deep competitor analysis, enabling the creation and optimizing your site content to please your users

Evaluate an existing website

Conduct an audit to attain the current status of the site. Identify target keywords and building links

On-page SEO

To determine focus for improvement, a checklist will include keywords, competitors, content, links and user experience.