Advanced ecommerce for growing brands


The goal of an e-shop is to meet the demands of the modern consumer who seeks substance, efficiency, immediacy and, above all, ease of navigation for the perfect web shopping experience. An elegant, functional and ergonomic ecommerce solution is the key to invigorating your business, launching your sales and turning online visitors into loyal and dedicated customers.


At Centiva we are well tuned with classic and modern aesthetics with extensive knowledge and years of experience within the eshop arena. Combined with today's most advanced technological web developments to bring you an excellent aesthetic result, helping to build brands, drive business sales and become market leaders.

Helping brands growing faster
Steps to build your e-shop
  • We jointly decide on the marketing strategy that we will follow
  • We create a modern and professional website design to excite interest and trust amongst users
  • We make it easy to navigate and use search features, the 2 essential components to help users easily and quickly find what they want
  • We have the option to complete an online purchase in just one step, without the complex procedures
  • We implement the basic SEO procedures to promote the website

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Increase your sales
One stop solution
  • Detailed presentation of the company (profile, news, etc.)
  • Warehouse - product management
  • Orders Management function
  • Reseller Network Support Tool (b2b)
  • Advanced product search
  • Unique Custom Design
  • Product Attribute Comparison
  • Easy checkout and One page Checkout
  • Favorite products for registered users
  • Specification of shipping costs
  • Order support with credit or prepaid card
  • Newsletter feature for promotions
  • Detailed eShop statistics
  • Google Analytics Report

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