Who is Centiva?
/ A solution-providing creative agency

Or rather, what it is: A software house. A roof under which a range of digital services are designed, implemented, and offered: The design and development of websites (web design & development) of specific digital applications (custom applications). Under this roof, one can find all those accomplished professionals required for such complex and demanding projects: web developers, designers, system analysts, copywriters, and digital marketers—a team of specialists with expertise and experience organically bound together through their collaboration over time.

Our implementations

We complete
every project with skill
and experience



Our Methodology
If we were to group it, it would include four overall steps, in a specific order, but with specific individual processes: Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Customization.
/ Analysis

We document processes and tasks, and based on the case-by-case desired outcome, we design any new approaches to accompany the existing ones—simple, practical, and, most importantly, thorough.

/ Design

The new implementation requires a new architecture. We are removing what is unnecessary, adding what is essential, and highlighting what is efficient. And, of course, testing it. And after we test it, we re-test it...

/ Implementation

The paper becomes code, and the code becomes implementation. And, of course, testing. Scenarios of what might happen and what we certainly wouldn't want to happen. Repeated testing, according to the Hippocratic saying "better to cure than to prevent."

/ Adaptation

After delivery, the project monitoring in real-time and space follows. Your use and interaction will show us any minor changes that may occur, and we will edit them. We are your mentors up to the time when everything is ready.

They trust us

For us, the ideal way to close a presentation is by introducing all those brands that trust you, perhaps because we like to save the best for last. Maybe because their satisfaction has the last word - and that's why we capture it symbolically...


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We collaborate with ambitious brands and people.
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